Veteran Focused Medical and DVA Claims

Our dedicated compensation advocate, Ben Hofmann, CSM (ATDP Level 2 Qualified) is on-site daily to support and guide you through the entire Permanent Impairment Assessment process. We provide 30-minute appointments, dedicating the time to understanding your unique needs. Our services are personalised to cater to your specific healthcare requirements. Whether it involves addressing injuries related to service, managing chronic conditions, or offering preventive care, our expertise guarantees that you receive high quality medical care. We are renown for our professionalism,  and your surrounded by a switched-on team.

Three easy steps:

In-person interview with our DVA advocate

Step 1: Advocate interview

An interview with our compensation advocate, Ben Hofman, will be conducted to determine if you have the qualifying service and the act of compensation you fall under. He will offer the level of assistance you are requiring. An appointment with our doctors might follow to give a provisional or confirmatory diagnosis.

Medical assessment for the Permanent Impairment Assessment

Step 2: Medical assessment

Our doctors will assist you with compiling any diagnostic or permanent impairment assessment that is required from DVA.

Permanent Impairment claim submission and management

Step 3: Submission of claim and ongoing management

The claims are usually submitted either on the day or the next business day. At this stage, the doctors may refer you to a treating mental health professional and discuss any further investigations that might be required. The claims process is managed by our compensation advocate.

Veteran Medical & Reporting

Care and support through the Permanent Impairment Assessment process

We take pride in being a professional Permanent Impairment Assessment Clinic, with trained Veteran orientated doctors and an in-house advocate.

From the initial submission of claims through to Permanent Impairment Assessments, we take care of the entire DVA claims process.

We combine Medical Care, Care plans, Co-ordinated Veteran Care plans, and DVA Permanent Impairment Assessment and Claim submission all in the same clinic. We offer a same-day service with an interview with a dedicated Veteran advocate and then an appointment with our friendly doctors. Your claims will be submitted that day. There is a small fee for advocacy support.

We accept face-to-face appointments at our Head Office is in Robina. We also offer online Permanent Impairment Assessments appointments for our interstate clients.

Assessment and Support

We are a team of experienced Medical Partitioners providing accurate diagnosis for claims and treatment through to Permanent Impairment Assessments.  Our services can be accessed both in person or via Telehealth.

We tailor our services to meet distinct healthcare needs. Whether it’s addressing service-related injuries, managing chronic conditions, or providing preventative care, our expertise ensures high-quality medical attention.

To streamline the claims process, we have a dedicated compensation advocate, Ben Hofmann, CSM (ATDP Level 2 Qualified) on-site daily to support and guide you through the entire DVA assessment process, from assessing which Act of DVA compensation you are covered under, to linking injuries to service, offering candid advice, drafting of claim forms and supporting documents, liaising with DVA on your behalf until the completion of your claims.

This process allows for the convenience of seeing an advocate and doctor on the same day, and also for your claims being submitted straight away.

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